Tories’ Brexit fishing policy has “spectacularly backfired”

Lesley Laird, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, has slammed the Tories’ approach to Brexit and UK fishing policy as “incoherent”.

Today (Wednesday) she said the pledge by Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove to “take back control of our waters” just a week ago had “spectacularly backfired”.

And she said the fishing communities of Scotland would no longer be able to trust the Tory MPs they had put their faith in at the last General Election, who had pledged that Scotland would be out of the Common Fisheries Policy by March 2019.

“Today’s fish-dumping stunt on the Thames by Nigel Farage – while the Scottish Tory MPs were all at sea with their chum, Jacob Rees-Mogg – exposes the truth about their party’s incoherent approach to Brexit,” she said.

“Just as with their demands on Clause 11 and the need to protect the devolution settlement, they have once again been outmanoeuvred, outvoted and ultimately overruled.

“Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove’s tough posturing on fisheries policy has spectacularly backfired. It’s proved as false as Mr Gove’s referendum fibs about extra millions for the NHS.

“Either they completely misjudged their party’s position or that position has shifted dramatically in a matter of days.

“Scotland’s fishing industry is either being sacrificed as a pawn in a much bigger game or it is not on Theresa May’s radar at all.”

She added: “Every time the Scottish Tories fail to deliver for Scotland they are playing into the hands of the SNP and its politics of grievance.

“It is becoming clear that making any progress in Brexit talks will require compromise, but is the Scottish Tories themselves who have been left compromised by this latest fiasco.

“The SNP would like to posture on this too, but the truth is that their preferred option is to go straight back into the EU and therefore the Common Fisheries Policy.

“Only the Labour Party has a grown up approach to Brexit which is informed by the concerns of the fishing industry and would negotiate the best deal to support fragile coastal communities.”

Pic: Robert Orr/Flickr