Another By Election

I think I have lost count the number of by elections we have had in Fife.  We now have two more – which I think brings us up to 12.  This time they will be in Rosyth/North Queensferry and Dunfermline North following two SNP Councillor resignations.  The election date is 26 November so we will be in campaigning action for the next few weeks.  I am delighted to introduce our two candidates, Vikki Fairweather who will contest Rosyth/North Queensferry and Joe Long who will stand in Dunfermline North.  Here’s a picture of Vikki meeting some of our constituency Labour party members.  Vikki is a working Mum with 3 young children and who takes the local boxing/exercise classes in Rosyth as well as coaching junior football.  She’s someone who is really committed to improving her community and am sure if she is elected will be a really hard working Councillor for her constituents.  Oh – and just to say, I’m also going to be Vikki’s Election Agent, so if you would like to get involved in the campaign, please give me a call.