Best hats on for brain cancer research fundraiser

Two Kirkcaldy friends, whose family members were recently diagnosed with brain tumours, joined forces recently to raise over a thousand pounds for brain cancer research.

Margaret Vass and Anne Marie Caira have been friends for years but were stunned when their daughters-in-law were both diagnosed with brain tumours within months of each other.

However, rather than give in to the shock and helplessness they both felt, they linked up to raise money through a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Abbotshall Church on Saturday.

Lesley Laird MP joined a throng of over 100 attendees – all wearing hats! – and the ladies were delighted with the response.

“When an illness like this hits the family, you can be left feeling angry, frustrated and often helpless, unable to make a difference,” said Anne Marie.

“We just wanted to do something positive – after all, the more money that is spent on research, the sooner treatments can be found.”

Wear a Hat Day is sponsored by the charity Brain Tumour Research, and encourages supporters to host tea parties, with everyone wearing hats, to raise not just funds but awareness about the illness.

Every year in the UK, 16,000 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour, yet only 1% of cancer research funding is allocated to this particular type. It’s a little-known fact that brain tumours kill more under-40s than any other cancers.

Margaret works in the NHS and is aware of the impact that cuts can have

“Hospitals are stretched to the limit but we’ve been so impressed by the way our cases have been dealt with. We wanted to do something to help.”

Lesley Laird added: “Hearing the personal stories of those affected by brain tumours just brings it home how important research is.

“I worry that this kind of work may be affected by Brexit, which is why any kind of fundraising is important. I’ve been so impressed by what I’ve seen today.”

Margaret and Anne Marie managed to raise a grand total of £1024 at their tea party.

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