Boundary changes: Tory power grab “could cost us the Union”

Performance coaches in elite sport look for marginal gains, the tiny improvement which will give them the edge over rivals. But in the race for power, the Conservatives have abandoned all pretence about aiming higher. This is about holding on at all costs. For them it’s no longer about marginal gains, but instead about gaining...
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Tories’ devolution blunders have played into the SNP’s hands

It’s easy to be blindsided by events in politics. The best-laid schemes for the average week at Westminster are normally in tatters by Monday lunchtime. But amid the hurly-burly, I’ve watched the slow-motion car crash of the Tories’ failure to tackle the challenge to devolution posed by Brexit with a mixture of frustration and anger....
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Watch the biggest soap opera in history unfold – Brexit

In the run up to recess we continue to watch what has become the biggest soap opera in history unfold – Brexit.  This week it was the turn of the Trade Bill. While the name on the legislation might change, the issues are exactly the same.  Not least of which is a Tory party who...
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Universal Credit in Fife is ‘destitution by design’

I know, from speaking to constituents affected by Universal Credit, just how acutely this policy damages people’s lives but a report issued last week laid bare the reality of its widespread impact for all to see. Despite being designed to streamline benefits – and cut administrative costs in the process – the National Audit Office...
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The results of pandering to right wing rhetoric

Westminster is a strange place. Some weeks, little of any great importance seems to happen and other weeks fly by as the Government lurches from one catastrophe to the next. This week, it was the latter. Theresa May’s government’s handling of the Windrush Generation scandal has dominated both the headlines and parliamentary business. David Lammy...
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Education: Fife in danger of being left behind

Education and skills are the foundations to a high performing economy and well paid skilled jobs, yet here in Fife we are being short changed not just in our high schools but also our college. Questions must be asked as to why the Scottish Government is showing no appetite to resolve the long-standing funding issues...
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Gender inequality ‘remains rife’

This year the usual blaze of colour at the BAFTA film awards was replaced by a parade of black-clad film stars posing amid the flashing light bulbs on a red carpet. It was a dramatic and sobering statement; of glamour heavily cloaked with political intent. The winning speech of actor Frances McDormand even more so, as she...
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It’s time for change

Recent events have brought to mind the old adage “the more it changes, the more it stays the same” and when it comes to the upper echelons of politics that certainly still seems to be the case. Sex scandals, harassment and bullying might make for good headlines and sell news but they don’t make for...
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Only Labour Has The Policies And Political Will To Finally End The Gender Pay Gap

From the newspaper front pages to the phone-in radio shows, Twitterstorms and countless websites, the one story which seemed to get everyone talking in the last few days has been the revelation that BBC bosses pay their male “stars” far more than their female counterparts. But were any of us really surprised by this divulgence...
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