Breast feeding

I appreciate that breastfeeding is widely accepted as the best form of nutrition for infants to ensure a good start in life and I recognise the positive health benefits of breastfeeding and its important role in reducing health inequalities.

I know from UNICEF’s recent report on preventing disease finds that the NHS could save significant amounts of money by investing in breastfeeding services. Indeed, I agree that breastfeeding is a significant public health intervention, as the UNICEF baby Champion Friendly Initiative call to action has illustrated.

I believe the Government must do more to help employers understand how to identify and mitigate risks relating to pregnant women and new mothers , and compel employers to conduct risk assessments for breastfeeding mothers.

At the General Election I stood on a manifesto with a specific commitment to work with the Health and Safety Executive to make a workplace risk assessment for pregnant women mandatory, so necessary adaptations can be made.


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