Brexit update 27th June 2019

With Parliament in grid lock I have expressed my fears that there were significant challenges for Parliament to overcome to be able to deliver a confirmatory vote. Sadly, my fears were borne out, as no consensus was found through the recent voting process. However with Parliament in gridlock, a confirmatory vote, I believe, is a way to try and break the impasse.

I have also highlighted, the very real threat of no deal. A threat that has, in my view, increased. The country is now fixated on two Conservative would-be Prime Ministers who both refuse to rule out a no deal position. The clock is fast running out in terms of Parliamentary time. Stopping no deal must be our focus and our priority. It will be catastrophic for our country and our communities.

Normal business is almost at a standstill, so frightened are the Conservatives to put anything to a vote. But worst of all, while the Tory soap opera plays out, the fundamental issues this country needs to face – the economy, jobs, climate change, social policy and welfare concerns – remain unaddressed. People across the country, and here in my constituency are being left to languish too often in poverty, insecure work, zero hours contracts, increased foodbank use and heart-breaking levels of child and pensioner poverty.

This Government is not working for the many. It is serving itself and its own self-interest. That’s why I still believe that the best way to address all the issues we face is a General Election, which at any other time would have already been the case.

I also believe that with time marching on, it is right that Scottish Labour unequivocally supports a public vote on any Brexit deal. Subsequently if there is a public vote, I will campaign to remain in the European Union as I believe that this is the best option for my constituents and this country.

Changing the leader of the Conservative party will change nothing – except, perhaps, taking us closer to a No Deal exit on October 31. I am fighting to ensure that Parliament has the opportunity to find a way to ask the people – and, if we succeed, rest assured I will be campaigning to remain.