Campaigning Trail

Over the last few weeks I’ve been knocking doors and speaking to people in the Ward.  It’s been good to get out and talk to people about what matters to them.  What is clear is that people are finding it hard to separate national and local issues.

But on 4 May it is about local.  Who locally is best place to make sure your interests in Fife are looked after.

Over the last 5 years Fife Labour has always put Fife first – because that’s what we’re focused on – 100% of the time.   When it comes to local representation isn’t that what you need, and deserve.

I’m out with some of the team here on Saturday morning… it was supposed to be dry but as you can see…. it wasn’t!  It was WetWet Wet… but wasn’t the rain that people were complaining about it was about the other R word!

I think it’s fair to say that people on the doors are simply very angry and frustrated on this subject and that they feel that they are not being listened to.