Cancelled operations prove ‘deepening’ NHS crisis

Cancelled operation figures released today show Fife’s NHS crisis is deepening, Lesley Laird MP has warned.

Unseasonably cold weather impacted on 60 of 91 operations cancelled during March, but data compiled by ISD (Information Services Division) reports overall winter totals going up year-on-year.

Over recent winter months, from November to March, 417 operations were cancelled in Fife for capacity or non-clinical reasons, compared to 271 during the corresponding period in 2016/17.

In 2015/16 that winter total was 123 – less than the 151 cancelled ops tallied in Fife during January alone.

Lesley Laird MP said: “These figures clearly illustrate what I feared: Fife’s NHS crisis is deepening and given the recent issues around out of hours services, the full extent of the overall position may not yet be fully disclosed.

“I’ve had constituents left in distress because scheduled operations have been cancelled due to a lack of available beds; left sitting in a waiting room only to be turned away on the day.

“I admire the dedication, commitment and expertise of the medical staff who graft day-in, day-out to serve the people of Fife but it’s increasingly apparent the region is falling critically short of staff numbers needed to retain acceptable levels of service.

“That’s unacceptable for staff battling at the coal face under constant pressure and it’s wholly unfair on patients who are geared up, expecting to have an operation, only to see that commitment withdrawn.  That’s not right and it cannot be allowed to continue.”

Pic: Julia/Flickr