Climate change and international development

I believe tackling climate change is an environmental and economic necessity. I also believe it is a question of social justice. The UK has a strong legacy of international leadership on these issues and it is important that we act to maintain this standing by working to tackle climate change both at home and in the poorest nations abroad.

It is wrong that millions of people in the developing world will be hit by climate impacts that they had no part in creating.

I agree that the UK has a responsibility to cut emissions here at home. I am therefore concerned by the Government’s support for fracking and cuts to funding for renewable power. I believe these decisions have undermined clean energy investment in the UK at a time when we should be transitioning our energy industry to a low-carbon future.

I am further concerned that the independent Committee on Climate Change has identified a 47% policy gap in reaching our 2030 climate targets. It is important that the Government sets out how it intends to fill this gap. I believe we should be taking advantage of the international cooperation demonstrated by the Paris Agreement to drive forward with a UK plan for low-carbon investment.

I can assure you I will continue to support efforts to maintain international leadership on climate change and to press for a low-carbon economy here in the UK.