Community Business

Ward Meeting today.  This is where the real work gets done that makes a different to our communities.  Today our main focus was on the Regeneration of Fraser Avenue. This was one of my main election pledges and that’s why I am so delighted and excited to see this now start to come good.

This is not just about knocking down old houses and putting up new ones.  This is about rebuilding a community.  This is about giving a community a voice and confidence.  I am delighted that the FAIR Programme will now be funded into 2016.  This programme has really opened up the potential of so many great women in the community who are really transforming their lives and the lives of people in their community.  We are also working on a programme that does the same for men.  So far they’ve been a bit shy at coming forward but 2016 could be their year.

The decant process has already started and it’s going to be a balancing act throughout the regeneration.  The Wing in Inverkeithing is playing a key part in re-engaging with the Community and Stewart Biggar and his staff and volunteers do the most amazing job!  The growth of community groups is a sure sign that this community is getting engaged and focused on making a better future.

After the Ward meeting I joined up with the Committee of the Spittalfield Residents Association for the first meeting of the new year.  Moira and the team have already got their plans underway for 2016.  The Committee is looking for some new members to come and help them do even more great things this year.  If that’s you…. then please get in touch and join the community that is making things happen.