“Fare” Deal For Fifers – Too Challenging?

Fife Council Transportation Officers continue to support me in my ongoing discussions with Transport Scotland and train operator Abellio – we all agree that there is a significant price differences for Fife commuters, but so far no positive plans have been put on the table to tabled the issue.

While I know this is a long standing, and won’t be fixed over night, simply avoiding dealing with it is not the answer.  That’s why I have called for a working group to be set up in response to these concerns and to begin the job NOW of looking at the issues.  While there is no doubt that it will be a challenge to fix this issue, it cannot be ignored just because it appears too difficult,”

It is not acceptable for Transport Scotland to continue with a pricing policy where Fifers pay two to three times the price for the same rail mile journey than other parts of Scotland.  A fair and more equal pricing structure is fundamental for a fairer and more equal Fife, and Scotland that is why a working group to achieve this must be set up now.


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