Film competition launches in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath

Budding and independent local filmmakers are being urged to grab the chance to gain wider exposure in a Westminster-run competition.

Lesley Laird MP is inviting scriptwriters and directors in the Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath constituency to submit entries to Film The House 2018, which showcases filmmaking talent across the UK.

Entrants can submit work in two categories – Best Script and Best Short-Film – and both categories are subdivided by age groups – under 16s, and 16 and over.

First round entries will be judged by Lesley and constituency winners will then be considered by a national judging panel, culminating in an award ceremony in London next year.

Lesley said: “This competition offers a fantastic opportunity for scriptwriters and film directors to see their work gain recognition.

“We’re lucky to have innovative award-winning filmmakers in Fife, thanks largely to the efforts of the former MIMAC filmmaking centre and Adam Smith College in kick-starting creative industries here.

“I’m delighted that Graeme Campbell of Glass Bullet Media, who played a key part in that drive over a decade ago, is behind plans to introduce new screen production courses at Fife College next year.

“I’ve no doubt there’s a whole new generation of would-be filmmakers desperate for the chance to show what talent they’ve got to offer.

“So grab this opportunity. There’s no need to use expensive equipment, you can film using a mobile phone – the only limit is your imagination!”

Film the House 2018 raises awareness of protecting intellectual property (IP) rights among creators, legislators and the public.

It’s an important issue which Fife College’s Faculty of Creative Industries actively promotes in its NC Broadcast Media curriculum.

A spokesman said: “We’re committed to both filmmakers in Fife – a medium often over-looked in preference for television production – and the importance of intellectual property (IP) rights.

“The management of IP and its subsequent legitimate exploitation is essential to those who create it, those who produce it and those who consume it.

“It’s the backbone to all creative industry sectors and the wider creative economy and, since almost everyone consumes some form of content at least once a day, incredibly important to understand.”

Entries can be submitted online at and the deadline for submissions is September 30, 2018.

For more information visit or email