Final Meeting – SESplan

Today it was the final meeting of SESplan.  Not without a bit of drama.  We have been waiting for Transport Scotland to provide the cross boundary study in order to feed in to the overall SESplan 2.  They have quite simply failed to deliver despite re-assurances that they would.  The draft plan finally was sent to Officers, just a few days before this meeting.  Not acceptable.  The Committee agreed that the Chair should now write to the Minister setting out our concerns.  We also took the decision that we would only ratify the parts of the plan that we could and that we would not approve the overall plan as the implications of the cross boundary transport study had not been assessed.

There was real pressure on us to simply accept the plan.  But for me it was very simple.   Yes, it was our last meeting of this Committee before the May Local Government Elections but on any other day we would not have accepted the plan in an unfinished state – so why do it now.  The Committee and Chair agreed with my argument and that’s what we’ve done.