Government leaves school rebuild hopes in limbo

The Scottish Government’s announcement of its programme for 2018  has left Fife school rebuild plans in limbo, a Fife MP has warned.

Lesley Laird, who pushed for a new Inverkeithing High School in her former role as a Councillor, said it was time for the SNP Government to “put its hands in its pocket” and deliver for other deteriorating schools in the Kingdom.      

“Thanks to the previous Labour administration, £50m of funds were allocated in Fife Council’s capital plan to ensure all kids in Fife were being educated in schools fit-for-purpose,” she said.

“Traditionally high schools are funded on a shared basis – a third from the local authority and two thirds from the government.

“Despite repeated calls since 2015 for funding, no commitments have been forthcoming from the SNP Government.

“We’ve had nods and winks but, lo and behold, there was no mention of actual cash in the programme announced at Holyrood yesterday (Tuesday).

“Fife Council took the unprecedented step of using all its funds to prioritise the rebuild of Inverkeithing High School as it was in the worst of conditions.

“However, that leaves other schools uncertain as to when funding for their replacement will be made available.

“It’s about time the SNP Government put its hands in its pocket and delivered the modern schools which are so sorely needed in Fife.  The Council has done all that it can.”