‘Invisible man’ Mundell leaves UK facing constitutional crisis

Lesley Laird MP has branded David Mundell as the Cabinet’s ‘invisible man’ over his handling EU Withdrawal Bill.
The Secretary of State for Scotland, previously pledged to amend the EU Withdrawal Bill to ensure powers coming back from the EU that relate to devolved areas would rest with the Scottish Parliament.
Instead the Bill remains unchanged, leading to the unprecedented situation of the Scottish government introducing emergency legislation at Holyrood, despite it being deemed legally incompetent by the parliament’s Presiding Officer.
Mr Mundell was unable to give an answer at Scottish Questions over how he plans to fix the mess he has made of the legislation.
“This must be so embarrassing for David Mundell,” said Lesley
“The Scottish Secretary has turned into the invisible man as the UK faces a constitutional crisis.
“The fact the Scottish Secretary wasn’t invited to the Brexit Cabinet away day at Chequers, despite these problems, tells you all he needs to know.
“Thanks to David Mundell’s incompetence, we face the shambolic process of the future of devolution being decided in the courts.
“The Scottish Secretary needs to fix this mess, and quickly, rather than continue to front up a government that is trampling over  the devolution settlement.”