Jump on board! Google’s coming to Kirkcaldy!

Google’s Digital Garage is making its way to Kirkcaldy as part of its Scottish tour to offer locals a chance to learn the latest online skills – for free.

The customised double decker bus, which boasts a dedicated upstairs classroom, will be parked up outside Kirkcaldy Galleries all day on Friday, October 12.

Lesley Laird MP, who reached out to Google inviting them to Kirkcaldy, was delighted when Fife Cultural Trust also agreed to jump on board as hosts.

She said: “This is a fantastic project and there’s no doubt the bus, which is really distinctive, will create some ‘wow factor’ when it arrives.

“Most people know how to send an email and browse the net, but when it comes to more advanced digital skills, many of us are at a loss.

“Google’s trainers aim to improve people’s digital skills by giving them tools across a range of subjects and three classes will be offered on the day, the first focusing on staying safe in the cyber world.

“The second is aimed more at elderly residents who wish to learn first steps online and the third, Building a Digital Marketing Plan, is aimed squarely at firms who want to learn how to best promote and grow their business.”

The upstairs classroom is designed to hold a maximum of 16 people on a first come, first served basis but, for anyone who misses out on the courses, trainers will be available downstairs on the bus all day – even during course times – offering one-to-one drop-in sessions on any digital/IT-related topic.

A spokesman from Fife Cultural Trust said: “We’re delighted to be welcoming the Google Digital Garage at Kirkcaldy Galleries.

“Our staff have hosted Code Clubs and championed digital literacy for years now so we would encourage those with curious minds to come along and learn a new skill.”

Courses: 10am-11am Stay safe online, 12pm-1:30pm First steps online, 2:30pm-3:30pm Build a Digital Marketing Plan