Laird blasts Mundell’s feeble defence of Brexit deal

Lesley Laird has blasted David Mundell for proposing a bad Brexit deal as the only alternative to a no deal.

Quizzed on his support for Theresa May’s half-baked Brexit deal on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland today (Monday), Scottish Secretary David Mundell failed to make any positive case for it , instead simply repeating that it was “better than the alternative” of no deal at all.

Pressed on the fact that former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and he had both expressed reservations about the Northern Irish backstop element of the deal during Cabinet discussions, Mr Mundell was unable to explain why Mr Raab considered the threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom so great that Raab resigned, while he had not.

Lesley Laird Shadow, Secretary of State for Scotland, said: “Theresa May once believed that no deal was better than a bad deal. Now David Mundell is saying the exact opposite, yet sees no conflict with his position in Cabinet

“To back this bad deal as the only alternative to a no deal Brexit is to accept a false choice. Instead of leadership from Theresa May’s government we are getting brinkmanship.

“Parliament must be given a meaningful vote on the half-baked mess the Theresa May has brought back from Brussels and when, as appears likely, it is voted down, it is Parliament that must set out the next steps towards delivering a deal which delivers on the promises made to voters at the outset.

“It is clear the majority of his Scottish Tory colleagues are also unconvinced. They should all now finally stand up for Scotland and reject this broken deal Scotland deserves better than Tory ministers and MPs who slavishly put party first and the people second.

“Mundell must resign if he is to retain even a scrap of credibility on this.”