Laird calls for transparency on Clause 11 talks

Lesley Laird MP has called on David Mundell to spill the beans on his “behind closed doors” talks with Mike Russell over the impact of the EU Withdrawal Bill on devolution.


On Monday the Scottish government announced they still have not reached a deal with the UK government over Clause 11 of the EU Withdrawal Bill, despite the Welsh Government being able to.


It is understood that Scotland’s Brexit Minister, Michael Russell was ready to do a deal with the UK government, but was rowed back by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.


Yesterday at Scottish Questions, Shadow Scotland Secretary Lesley laird called on David Mundell to confirm that Mr Russell had also reached agreement in principle on a deal – only to learn it had been vetoed by Nicola Sturgeon.


She said: “It’s time for the people of Scotland to know what’s been going on behind closed doors.


“I asked David Mundell to tell the truth and shame the Devil. It is clear that both parties are now presenting a different version of events and the people of Scotland deserve to have the facts laid bare.


“These discussions should be made public, so that voters can decide who is being unreasonable.


Lesley added: “We expected this kind of posturing from the SNP government, but it is simply unacceptable to put their grievance politics ahead of the need for a resolution.


Representatives from the Labour Government in Cardiff have been able to reach a deal which they believe does that.


“We need this sort of grown-up politics from the Scottish Government too.” 

Pic: Duncan Hill