Laird: Parliament must declare a climate emergency

Today (Wednesday), Labour will use its opposition day debate in the House of Commons to declare a climate emergency across the U.K.

The move comes after Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, met climate change protesters who shut down vast swathes of London and cities across the U.K.

Speaking ahead of the debate, Shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird, said: “Today’s debate is a timely reminder that there are some things more important than Brexit, and climate change is undoubtedly one of them.

“We must be clear about this – if we do not change our way of life, our very existence and the existence of our planet as we know it is in grave danger.

“Declaring a climate emergency is not enough on its own. We need action to tackle this issue – we need a green industrial revolution.

“That is why the Labour Party remains committed to our target of net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

“Scotland has the potential to be a world leader in renewables. Labour’s plans would harness that potential and create 50,000 jobs in Scotland as a result.”

Pic David Holt/Flickr