Laird warns time for new Inverkeithing High School “is now”

Lesley Laird MP has warned the “time to act is now” to lay the groundwork for a brand-new Inverkeithing High School.

In a letter to Steve Grimmond at Fife Council, the MP said the need to replace the deteriorating building – which is almost bursting at the seams – had now become urgent.

Moreover, Fife Council had already allocated a £50m capital fund towards building new schools in West Fife.

“The cash is already there to build a new Inverkeithing High but there’s little hope more will be forthcoming from the Scottish Government in the near future,” Lesley warned.

“If we don’t seize this opportunity now, we’ll be watching this building crumble away for yet another decade.

“Should another generation of children be schooled in those conditions? No.”

Proposals to rezone school catchment areas to ease the roll at Inverkeithing, Dunfermline, Queen Anne and Woodmill are currently being considered by Fife Council, as roll projections on school catchment areas in Dunfermline and West Fife indicate Inverkeithing could be significantly over capacity in the next three to four years and temporary accommodation will be necessary on site for at least six years.

Regardless of the outcome of these proposals, the dilapidated state of the ‘70s building was unacceptable, the MP argued.

Lesley said: “We know Inverkeithing needs to be replaced with a stand-alone new facility. 

“This would not impact on the options open to the Council for the future replacement or extension of other secondary schools in the area.”

She added: “There will inevitably be issues regarding planning permission and the replacement of what I understand is partly a listed building, but this simply reinforces the case to begin this work now. 

“The longer a decision is postponed on a replacement for Inverkeithing, the more serious the situation will become and the more children in my constituency and the wider area will be adversely affected.” 

Pic: Ryan McGilchrist/Flickr