Local Government Elections – 4 May

Over the last few weeks I have been out across the Ward.  Delivering letters and speaking to people on the door step.  There is a great deal of anger and frustration about national events – but in this election it is really important to remember that it is about local issues and ensuring you have a Council that is going to stand up for you, your family and Fife.

Fife Labour has done that for the last 5 years and mitigated against some of the worst budget cuts local government has had to endure. This year alone the SNP will cut Fife’s budget by £16M.  That’s £16M less to spend on the public services that we all need and value.

Over the last 5 years I have campaigned on key local issues – the speed limited on the B981, planning concerns across the Ward, getting new housing for local people, and investment in our community facilities.  I have built strong partnerships with business, education, the college and university to ensure that we all work together to get more Fifers into work and especially to ensure that our young people have the best opportunities to find their way.

I have also campaigned on national issues; the reform of planning, business rates, and the post code lottery of rail fares in Fife, where we are subjected to paying 2x and 3x more than other parts of Scotland.  And if re-elected I will continue to do so.

To make sure Fife continues to have a strong voice – to make sure you have a Council that will always be prepared to stand up on issues that matter to Fife then vote Labour for a Councillor and a Council that always put Fife first.

Fife Labour is fully focused on the day job. Please re-elect me to continue to stand up for you, your family and Fife, vote No 1 Lesley Laird on 4 May.