Marine protection around UK overseas territories – #BackTheBlueBelt campaign

I strongly support action to safeguard habitats and species in the blue belts of the seas and oceans surrounding the UK.

The UK Government has said that it is on track to deliver its Blue Belt manifesto commitment to work with Overseas Territory Governments to create a Blue Belt of marine protection and has stated that by 2020 it will have protected 4 million square kilometers of ocean around our Overseas Territories.

Our seas and oceans face a changing climate, and a long-term, strategic approach will be essential. I hope that the UK Government will continue to reaffirm its commitment to conservation and express support for the goals of establishing a marine protected area around the South Sandwich Islands in 2018 and a fully protected area in at least 50% of Ascension Island’s waters in 2019. I also hope that it will continue to make progress on the Blue Belt Programme more widely.

I can assure you that I will continue to press the UK Government to protect Blue Belts and to take the boldest possible steps to combat the pollution of our precious seas and oceans.