Meeting – New Fife College Principle

Today, with Fife Council Chief Executive, I met the new Fife College Principle, Hugh Hall.

Hugh takes over from retiring Principle Hugh Logan, and brings with him a huge range of experience and an extensive network of contacts in education and government agencies, which hopefully he can use to positive effect for Fife.

I raised with him Fife Labour’s ambitions plans for a college/school campus in Dunfermline and the hope that this project could still be revisited.   While the Scottish Government has yet to come up with funding for this fantastic learning campus project, I truly believe it’s too good an opportunity to be missed and would take education in Fife to the next level.

With the Levenmouth Campus already up and running there is no doubt that this more integrated approach to education and learning is the way to go and I still hope that funding will come forward from the Scottish Government to allow this significant and sector leading project to go ahead.