Mossmorran flaring “poses more questions than answers”

“Communities are sick to the back teeth,” Lesley Laird MP has acknowledged after residents woke up to another episode of flaring at Mossmorran today (Friday).

ExxonMobil, operators of Fife Ethylene Plant, have issued a statement to say this  latest incident should be under control within 48 hours.

“It’s an irony not lost on me that anxious residents feel left in the dark when light pollution comes flooding into their homes at night,” said Lesley,

“As a result, I’ll be keeping in touch with the plant and have asked them to provide interim updates as they work towards a 48 hour target.

“If that’s not achieved, I’ve asked that they tell local communities sooner rather than later.”

In a bid to address concerns with flaring at the plant, Lesley hosted a meeting in January, involving SEPA, Fife Council, Shell and plant operators ExxonMobil.

It was chaired by Professor Wilson Sibbett, of Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Independent Air Quality Monitoring Review Group, who is now considering extending the watchdog’s remit to assess the impact of noise and light pollution associated with flaring.

Lesley, who has heard some residents describing Mossmorran as “living next to Mordor,” said communities were being left with “more questions than answers and that situation could not be allowed to continue.”

A follow-up meeting takes place on April 20, involving Prof Sibbett, key stakeholders, community councils and all political parties.

Lesley said: “I hope this next meeting will bring us another step forward to achieving much-needed wider community enagagement with Mossmorran.

“The public deserves improved and more up-to-date information when flaring occurs. Reassurance is also needed regarding health concerns and, also importantly, whether any steps can be taken to minimise flaring in the future.”