Mossmorran meeting hailed as important “first step”

Key stakeholders and community groups assembled today (Friday) for the first time ever in a bid to get to the root of flaring and safety concerns at Mossmorran.

The Adam Smith Theatre event was hosted by Lesley Laird and chaired by Professor Wilson Sibbett of the Mossmorran and Braefoot Bay Independent Air Quality Monitoring Group.

In addition to Shell, ExxonMobil and SEPA, the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Fife Council, representatives from all political parties, Mossmorran Action Group and local community councils attended.

The meeting came a day after Mossmorran was issued a final written warning from SEPA following a flaring incident in June.

Speaking afterwards, Lesley Laird said: “I’d like to especially acknowledge the participation of community representatives who, despite years of frustration, approached the meeting today in a constructive way.

“It was also encouraging to hear Shell and ExxonMobil’s willingness to engage with the community and address their concerns.

“There are clearly a number of key questions that still need answered, such as health concerns, condition and maintenance of the plant, the collection of real-time data when flaring occurs – and assessment of the cumulative impact of air and light pollution as well as noise vibration on neighbouring communities.”

“This is simply a starting point – these issues will not be fixed overnight – but others, such as communication between Mossmorran and communities can be progressed quickly.”

She added: “The meeting today clearly showed that doing business in a certain way has long since gone, and shone a light on the fact that all parties connected to Mossmorran need to do better in terms of engaging and working with communities.

“We look forward to taking that agenda forwards in the coming months.”

A follow-up meeting is due to take place before the summer.