MP calls on new minister to fix Burntisland Rail Station

Lesley Laird MP is calling on the Scottish Government’s new transport minister to ensure that, years after the community called for it, Burntisland Railway Station will become step-free.

The move comes after recent figures reveal Burntisland is one of 104 railway stations across Scotland with platforms which are completely inaccessible to people with disabilities.

The statistics highlight the daily struggle that disabled people face in trying to travel on Scotland’s railways.

Lesley said: “The situation at Burntisland has been flagged up repeatedly over the years but I’m hoping the new transport minister Michael Matheson has the will to finally fix it.

“We have a hopeless situation where wheelchair users can access southbound platform one, but on a return journey can’t use platform two, forcing them to travel to another station to either disembark or make a u-turn.

“The current bridge set-up also restricts passengers with mobility issues, parents with buggies and people lugging large suitcases. In this day and age, this is just not good enough.”

A steering group, organised by the Burntisland Community Development Trust, plans to meet next month to push the accessibility issue forward.

Lesley said “A disused tunnel under the tracks connects the platforms at Burntisland and it is structurally sound.

“Residents explored this option with ScotRail years ago, only to be told that there wasn’t enough footfall at the station to justify the cost of installing a lift from the tunnel to northbound Platform two.

“Arguably, however, footfall would increase at the station if accessibility was fixed and fare prices were actually fair.”

“I give the steering group my full support and call on Michael Matheson to commit to an upgrade programme which will ensure everyone can board a train – in any direction – from Burntisland.”