MP supports UK SAYS NO MORE campaign

Lesley Laird MP recently pledged support to the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign which takes a stand to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The campaign seeks to unite and strengthen members of the public and organisations to take a stand against domestic abuse – and offer greater support to children affected by it.

The British Crime Survey has found that one in four women will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime while one in six men will also be affected.

Across the UK 950,000, children are affected by domestic abuse every year (SafeLives, 2014) and 79% of women reported leaving their partner because they feared for the safety of their children (Hestia, 2015). In addition, a study by Rape Crisis in 2016 found that there are 11 rapes an hour in the UK.

Lesley said: “The devastating effect domestic violence can have on people’s lives and their families is clear.

“These are staggering figures and we must to everything we can to support victims of domestic violence but prevention is absolutely critical.

“I signed the UK SAYS NO MORE Prevention Charter and I urge the Government and local authorities to ensure that much more is done to support victim of domestic abuse but also, critically, to prevent domestic violence taking place in the UK.”

This Charter asks for Greater support for children who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse. This can have a long-term impact on children and more funding needs to be channelled into ensuring young people have access to mental health support.

It also asks for domestic abuse to be everyone’s business. In particular for greater awareness among employers who can play a key role in supporting employees who are experiencing abuse.

The charter also asks that employers’ ‘duty of care’ needs to be expanded to include responsibilities in dealing with domestic abuse.