MP vows to fight on for ‘Votes at 16’ campaign

Lesley Laird MP vowed the “fight will continue” as the first anniversary report of the Votes at 16 Parliamentary Committee was released this week.
The MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath – a long-standing advocate for Votes at 16 – was delighted to support the campaign in Westminster on Wednesday.
Lesley said: “While here in Scotland 16-year-olds can vote in council and Scottish Parliament elections, the franchise to vote in UK Parliament elections is a battle not yet won.
“Today we are making decisions that this generation will have to live with – and while they cannot yet express that fully through the ballot box they are nonetheless making their voices heard, especially through rallies and demonstrations on significant issues such as climate change.
“Brexit has brought into focus the potential long term impact for young people that is why it is imperative young people are engaged in shaping and determining their future, not just in national politics but local politics too. Politics impacts every aspect of our lives, so it’s also essential that young people understand their role of citizenship and how they can play their part in shaping their future.
“Sixteen-year-olds are subject to many mixed messages. They can join the army, get married and pay income tax but are not allowed to vote to shape policy about how much tax they pay or where it should be spent.
“The Votes at 16 campaign continues with cross party support, but the Conservative government so far has resisted a change which would bring in another 1.5 million voters. The fight continues.”