New Skatepark For Dalgety Bay

Delighted to attend the opening of the new Skatepark for Dalgety Bay.  This has literally been years in the making by the young people behind this project and they have shown remarkable patience and determination to stick with it and make it happen.  Fundraising has come from a variety of sources including Fife Council, via the Ward Budget, and also the Muir Dean Trust.

Provost Jim Leishman officially opened the Skatepark and there was no shortage of scooters and skateboards ready to strut their stuff.  This will be a great addition to the Bay, and will also no doubt attract Skaterboarderss from far and wide to test it out.  Word is clearly already out as we had someone on opening day who had travelled through from Glasgow to test it out!

The timing could not have been better too – right at the start of the Easter Holidays!  Enjoy!

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