Public meeting announced on Edinburgh airport flight proposal

A public meeting to discuss a controversial new flight path proposal over Fife’s skies is to take place on Friday night.

Edinburgh Airport launched a four-week public consultation in late May for a revised route (E7a) mainly affecting Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing, North Queensferry, and other surrounding coastal areas.

However, following intervention by Lesley Laird MP, Edinburgh Airport has agreed to extend the consultation and hold a public meeting at Inverkeithing High School starting 6.30pm.

Senior executives of Edinburgh Airport will be in attendance.

Lesley Laird, who will chair the event, said: “Given the level of concern expressed in local communities, I went back to Edinburgh Airport and said a drop-in session was not enough to satisfy a consultation remit.

“I’m glad they took on board my request to hold a public meeting and also agreed to extend the consultation by another week.

“I urge residents to attend the meeting and take the opportunity to raise concerns and hear Edinburgh Airport’s response before this consultation ends.”

Initial impact assessments suggest flight heights on route E7a are lower than previous proposals and the turning circle has been increased, which will result in more households being affected.

Total flight numbers per day, however, have dropped.

A drop-in session also takes place at Inverkeithing Civic Centre on Queen Street, on Thursday. June 14 from 2- 7 pm.

Further information on the airport’s Airspace Change application, including consultation documents, technical and environmental reports from previous consultations can be viewed via

To ensure feedback is included to Edinburgh Airport’s submission to the Civil Aviation Authority, comments must be submitted before midnight on the new deadline of June 28.