Residents have been in touch with me regarding the closure of the RBS branch at Dalgety Bay.  This closure follows on the back of the closure of Aberdour and Inverkeithing and leaves local residents with a trip to Dunfermline if they want face to face contact.

I have picked up this issue with the local CEO for Fife and from those discussions it would appear that there is little prospect of RBS winding back on this decision.  However I will continue to press this issue and I am aware that other elected representatives are also in dialogue with RBS.

As someone who uses the branch on occasions, it is always busy – particularly for business customers – so I know that many people value its service and convenience.

The other concern is of course that the building will be left empty, and this is something else that will need to be taken up with Tesco and I plan to contact them in this regard.

However, if the branch is to close it is imperative that other banking options are considered and bid for at this time.  That is why I am now exploring with RBS the options in relation to mobile banking and other support services.   I am also advised by RBS that Customers at the branch are being given the option of a one to one discussion regarding their own personal banking needs. I certainly hope that is the case.

I have also suggested that RBS engage with the Community Council, as they did in Aberdour, to get wider community feedback and to identify the optimum times when the mobile service would operate.  I have contacted the Secretary of the Community Council to make him aware of this offer and hopefully this is something that the Community Council will discuss at their next meeting.

I have also raised the question of adding Inverkeithing to the mobile banking service route.

I will continue to following up with the RBS CEO for Fife to take these matters forward.