Scottish independence

On September 18, 2014, the Scottish people were asked to make a “once in a generation” referendum decision on the future of the nation. The result was an overwhelming and decisive ‘no’, affirming the Scottish will to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

In 2014, I campaigned for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. At the 2017 General Election, I stood on a manifesto which opposed a second divisive independence referendum, and which committed to campaign tirelessly to ensure Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom.

I believe that the Scottish electorate has spoken on this issue and that this decision should be respected an upheld.

I also believe we are facing considerable economic and social challenges that requires the full attention of the Scottish Government. The current Scottish Government is presiding over an education system in crisis; a health service with a shortage of doctors and nurses; and an economy in which 200,000 Scottish children are living in poverty. I believe the focus should be on working to eradicate poverty, reverse cuts to public services and improve the lives of ordinary people.

I will continue to respect the outcome of the referendum and continue to make the case for Scotland’s future in the UK and for the whole of the UK to work in partnership to benefit the many, not the few.


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