Scottish jobs risked by bungling Tory Brexit

Scottish jobs are being put at risk by a bungling Tory Brexit, Lesley Laird has warned.

Pressed at Scottish questions today, Tory Scottish Secretary David Mundell could not identify a single Scottish business that had received a Nissan-style package of state aid, despite promises Scotland would get the same support as England.

The car manufacturer was offered a financial package which could have been worth up to £80 million had the car maker gone ahead with the production of the X-Trail model at its plant in Sunderland after Brexit.

In 2016 it was announced Nissan had been given specific reassurances by the UK Government. At the time, David Mundell insisted Nissan had not been given any special treatment, telling the House of Commons the government would:

“…have a common response across the United Kingdom and that whatever support is put in place for businesses in the north of England will apply to businesses in Scotland.”

Labour said the Tory approach to Brexit was putting Scottish jobs at risk.

Shadow Scottish Secretary, Lesley Laird, said: “Back in 2016, David Mundell had no hesitation when declaring that whatever support was available to businesses in the North of England would be available to businesses in Scotland.

“Perhaps David Mundell thought that the public would never find out that Nissan were promised £80 million worth of financial support, but now that we know that this happened, he is unable to tell us what support he made available for businesses in Scotland.

“Mr Mundell is supposed to represent Scotland at the Cabinet table. This latest in a long line of blunders shows that he is either too incompetent to know what his government is doing or he knew exactly what they were doing but decided to leave Scottish businesses high and dry.”