Syria: Only peace will stop the killing

The killing in Syria as a result of the abhorrent and illegal use of chemical weapons has to stop, just as the killing from bullets and bombs has to stop.

However, dropping bombs won’t solve the Syrian conflict – only a political settlement will result in the peace that the Syrian people so desperately need.

Theresa May’s decision to act at the behest of Donald Trump was wrong and dangerous. Her decision to bomb could well have escalated this complex multi-actor conflict and was a dangerous action by the Tory Government.

Her decision to by-pass Parliament demonstrated a flagrant disregard for our democratic institutions and her decision to bomb Syria was legally questionable under international law.

In matters of war and peace the voice of our elected representatives must always be heard before any military action is authorised. Our forces should never be asked to risk their lives due to the decision of one person without the agreement of Parliament.

That is why I support Jeremy Corbyn’s call for a War Powers Act. It is surely not right that in 2018, the Prime Minister can commit our armed forces to military action without the approval of the elected Parliament.

From here on in, Britain must lead the struggle for peace. Only peace will stop the killing and Britain, through the auspices of the United Nations, should lead the way in that fight for peace.

Pic courtesy of Robert Pittman