Three plans pose ‘potential nightmare’ for Aberdour

Lesley Laird MP has warned of a “potential nightmare” for Aberdour residents if three major housing developments are given the green-light.

A proposal to build 125 houses at Hillside – rejected by Fife Council planners in February this year due to ‘insufficient information’– is back on the table.

Meanwhile appeals for developments by Cala and Campion Homes – rejected by West Planning Committee in July – have recently been lodged with the Scottish Reporter.

All three development proposals attracted hundreds of objections from villagers.

Lesley Laird MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath said: “This could turn into a potential nightmare for residents.

“Aberdour could theoretically end up with three plans being granted which would fundamentally change the whole character and dynamic of the village.”

The Hillside development was resurrected in May and accompanied by a statement from planning agents, Felsham Planning and Development Limited, stating the site boundary and housing numbers remained the same as its previous application, this time with a different layout.

A Screening Opinion application was recently lodged with Fife Council to determine whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required to be submitted with the planning application.

Lesley commented: “Initially there were three proposals – Hillside, Cala and Campion – and only Hillside satisfied criteria set out in the local plan.

“Since then, of course, we’ve seen Cala and Campion continue to press ahead with their proposals, despite the fact that both developments don’t adhere to local plan guidelines.

Lesley concluded: “I would urge the reporter to not renege on an original plan which was democratically agreed.

“They can’t possibly grant permission to Cala and Campion, otherwise it makes a mockery of the Fife plan process and simply reinforces the reasons why people have no faith in the planning process.

“As I’ve said before, planning reform is urgently needed to give communities a right of appeal in controversial cases such as these.”