Time to speak up on Dalgety Bay flight path proposals

Lesley Laird MP is urging residents to attend a public meeting to speak up on Edinburgh Airport’s new flight path proposal over Dalgety Bay.

The meeting, which will be presented by campaign group Edinburgh Airport Watch, takes place at the Kabin in Dalgety Bay on Monday, March 26, at 7pm.

During an initial consultation in 2016, Edinburgh Airport proposed a flight path (E6) which minimised flights over of Dalgety Bay and Inverkeithing but, due to proposed changes to the runway departure track, planners deemed the path unsuitable for certain types of aircraft.

In August 2017, a revised Airspace Change proposal was submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) including a proposed alternative E7 route over Dalgety Bay and surrounding areas which, if implemented, would result in 96 flights per day during 2018 rising to 111 flights a day by 2024

In September 2017 the CAA decided to halt the review, largely due to technical issues but if and when those issues are addressed, Edinburgh Airport will be free to resubmit its proposal.

Lesley said: “Edinburgh Airport has tried to mollify residents’ concerns by saying that jet aircraft will pick up altitude before reaching Dalgety Bay, but people are not convinced that is sufficient to reduce significant noise pollution in the local area.

“Bear in mind too, that while the airport claims these flights only operate during the day, that operational window runs from 6am to one minute before 11pm.

“I’ve been approached by a number of residents who say their lives will be made a misery by this, not to mention the impact it will have on children at school and staff at work.

Lesley, who will be sending a representative to the meeting, added: “I’ve written to the Civil Aviation Authority asking whether Edinburgh Airport is required to re-consult with impacted communities and what actions concerned residents can take to raise concerns.

“In the meantime I would urge residents in Dalgety Bay and surrounding areas to attend this meeting, be aware of this changed situation – which hasn’t been well-publicised  – and make their views heard locally.”


Pic: Douglas Cairns/Flickr