Unite RBS protest

I joined Unite at its protest outside RBS in Kirkcaldy to bring home the message to bank bosses ‘DON’T CLOSE OUR BRANCHES!’
The bank plans to close 52 branches across the country – despite announcing annual profits of £752m.
This is galling for customers and speaks volumes about RBS’s priorities.
I’m calling for Ross McEwan CEO – who I’ll be meeting this week – to go before the Scottish Select Affairs Committee.
This is still a live debate and the public need answers as to why a 71 per cent nationally-owned bank and its CEO won’t come and explain its branch closure strategy.
By granting a reprieve to 10 branches they have conceded that the strategy is up for debate and this now needs further scrutiny – communities across Scotland deserve nothing less.
The public also deserve to know what the Chairman of that Select Committee is going to do to make that happen – and when.
Branch banking provides the glue that supports many communities, and small business here in Kirkcaldy and around the country.
At my meeting this week I’ll be advocating that RBS develop a wider bank strategy which really does have the customer at its heart.